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Sharon Wahl is a fiction writer and documentary film producer.  Her published stories include “I Also Dated Zarathustra” (The Chicago Tribune, Nelson Algren Prize finalist), “Tractatus Logico-Eroticus” (The Iowa Review, Tim McGinnis Award), and “A Lit Window Is Someone Awake” (Literal Latte Fiction Prize).  She has been the recipient of many grants and awards, including an Olin Fellowship at Washington University for her MFA in Creative Writing, and a Fiction Fellowship and an Artists Project Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.  She is currently completing her first novel, A Critique of Passionate Reason

In 2005 she started Open Lens Productions with her husband, filmmaker Jonathan VanBallenberghe.  Their documentary films have premiered at festivals such as Tribeca and SXSW and have aired on PBS.  They live in Tucson, Arizona, with several very lovely cats.